Die Cast
Copper Rotors

Introduction To Die Cast Copper Rotors

The use of copper for the conductor bars and end rings of induction motors in place of aluminum results in attractive improvements in motor energy efficiency. Until recently, die cast motor rotors were universally produced using aluminum because rotor fabrication by aluminum pressure die-casting was an established practice, and copper pressure die-casting was unproven. This section identifies and demonstrates design methods, manufacturing process parameters, and durable mold materials that have enabled the economical production of die-cast copper motor rotors.

We are manufacturing die cast rotors since the year 1980. We have separate manufacturing facility at Surat – Gujarat – India to produce die cast copper rotors. Die cast copper rotors are the innovative components used for pump manufacturers. We can die cast copper rotor from 15 MM to 180 MM Diameter. We are expanding our facilities to produce die cast copper rotor up to 250 MM. We are also manufacturing custom rotor shafts in SS, MS, EN8, etc. as per the customer’s specification. We have facilities to insert shaft and balance rotor in bulk.